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BBS in English

looking for
 登録者:tomo プロフィール:170*84*51
I'm GWM and looking for muscle gay men with strong P. It might tough, if your P is too big and large. But I will try to love it. I'd like married business man in his 50s who has sense of cleanliness. I want to expect we can meet regulary, e.g monthly basis.
I will wait for mail from you.

Thank you.

BJ & diaper
 登録者:DiaperFrenchman プロフィール:181*81*40yo Kyoto
I would like to suck you while I'm wearing a diaper until you cum in my mouth.
I have a place in Kyoto.

Looking for cute and skinny BOTTOM in Osaka
 登録者:Yuki プロフィール:163*67*68 TOP
I am looking for 20~30y/o skinny CUTE BOTTOM who is living in Osaka and can meet at noontime on weekday at Umeda .
Please write me in freely.
Thank you in advance and best regards

white bottom osaka
 登録者:nicky プロフィール:176*68*39 bottom
hi. slender, white bottom in osaka looking for top for discreet sex on weekday lunchtimes, osaka/ kobe.pls send stats and pib.

Taiwanese or Korean businessmen
 登録者:Kaz プロフィール:169-71-58
Hope to find Taiwanese or Korean businessmen here in Tokyo. I love necktie, suits,white shirt and black socks. I know it’s hard to find ones under this circumstances preventing them from visiting Japan. Up to the same age from his thirties. I am working in the center of Tokyo. I can have more of free time weekends to arrange our meetings.
Thank you.

Looking for a guy from Melbourne
My PC crashed.

Looking for stocky guy
 登録者:Ichiber プロフィール:174*74*47
I'm Japanese professional versa btm in Tokyo is looking for stocky to chubby guy for friend or more..
I can host.

 登録者:A プロフィール:Other E-mail:
No 25 is scam.
Be careful

Regards from Malaysia
 登録者:Sugan プロフィール:173*74*54
I am Sugan from Kedah, Malaysia. I am a bachelor and I stay alone at my condominium. I have studied and worked in Japan before for 9 years. I love the Japanese language and culture very much. I am looking for gentleman who are willing to come and spend time in Malaysia. I have a guest room at home, so long term stay is also possible. Regards.

need your help
 登録者:Sarah プロフィール:172 69 28 bottom
My name is Sgt Sarah Amimora from the United States of America. I am 28 years old, I work as an officer of the nursing corps in the American army, I am currently on duty in Iraq. It is not an easy task, but I am grateful to God for having given me the courage and the grace to defend and protect America's freedoms. I was born and raised in New York. I am the only child of my parents; both parents died when I was 9 years old. A priest raised me and sponsored my education up to the university level. It gave me the foundations I needed when I was a child to grow with love, respect and service to humanity. It inspired me to join military service.I'm single, never married

I was looking to find a long-lost relative or an old school friends. I believe you are a trustworthy and reliable person that will help me in this situation. Honestly I am really getting tired of this Job, we are being attacked and killed by insurgents here and many soldiers have lost their life. Please listen to what i want to tell you now, I have the sum of $3.9 (Three Million Nine Hundred Thousand dollars) which i made here in Iraq. I cannot transfer this money to my U.S account or outside Iraq because all Banks here have been shut down indefinitely as a result of the chaotic situation.

I am seeking your assistance to evacuate my share of this money out of this country ( IRAQ ) to your own country for you to keep it safe on my behalf until i come over to your country. I believe I can trust you as reliable person and if are you willing to help me, then i will send the money to you through Red Cross diplomatic method which is very safe. I need to be sure that i can trust you 100% because the world is evil and you don't know who to trust on the Internet.

I want move the fund out from this place as soon as possible because the money is not safe here. I have made an arrangement with a Red Cross diplomat to move this fund out for me. The question is who will be in charge of the money in my absence? This is exactly why I need your help. I want to guarantee you that you will not stand any risk in this as I have mapped out the strategy to have this box moved out of here safely Through Diplomatic means. You have to keep everything confidential till you receive the fund.

I want you to stand as the beneficiary and receive the fund and keep it safe so that as soon as i come to your country after my service, you will assist me to invest it in a good profitable venture. I will give you 30% of the total money for your assistance after you have receive the money. You can reach me through my whatsapp number +15856840330 or call me up directly. I need your following information for delivery:

Your full names
Your address
Post code
Nearest airport
Direct phone number
Passport or ID Copy

Send me the above information immediately so that i will facilitate the delivery to your destination without delay.
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