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No.22866Black gay sex friend
Name:yusuke  Date:2018/08/13 11:03
Height:169cm  Weight:72kg  Age:50years old  Area:Tokyo

Bottom middle age bi-gay looking for black gentleman for fun but safe sex only. Love to have f*** in my mouth and througt as well.

No.22865Looking 4 like-minded friend as BL.
Name: J..halu BL  Date:2018/08/12 10:52
Height:168cm  Weight:58kg  Age:69years old  Area:kyoto

I’m a J. old man BL. I’d like to make a friend with you as a like-minded guy. I have some y.b. friends, if you teach English to them, we’d be very glad. I stay Kyoto city. Thank you.

No.22864Lookinf for the top and gentle forgeigner
Name:tetsu  Date:2018/08/11 11:10
Height:160cm  Weight:65kg  Age:76years old  Area:Yokosuka

Bottom old Japanese guy looking for a gentle and top
foreigner as the friend or the partner near Yokohama area.

No.22862Meet mature man
Name:0000ff  Date:2018/07/07 08:02
Height:170cm  Weight:73kg  Age:35years old  Area:Minato

I would like to meet a Japanese mature man (48 - 60).
I speak Spanish, we can change ideas between our cultures.
I look forward to receiving your message.


No.22843looking sucking friend
Name:aki  Date:2018/06/22 14:24
Height:167cm  Weight:68kg  Age:45years old  Area:nagoya

hello all how are you im Asian male live in nagoya city looking sucking friend and more fun age and country no mater if you are like asian male plz mail me with profile and photos.

No.22839over 65
Name:michio  Date:2018/06/10 10:03
Height:175cm  Weight:62kg  Age:63years old  Area:Chiba pref.

I am looking for a friend who is over 65years old.

No.22838anal fist and drink sperm,urine 
Name:shinya  Date:2018/05/24 17:05
Height:163cm  Weight:68kg  Age:60years old  Area:hokkaido,japan

i like to suck on penis  and anal fist fuck,to drink sperm,urine,if some one hope me,please send an e−mail.  

No.22835Gay Massage & Escort (Big Dick)
Name:Kengo  Date:2018/05/12 12:27
Height:180cm  Weight:72kg  Age:43years old  Area:Tokyo

I am Japanese.

Let us have a fun time together.
I am gentle and kind,well mannered.
The oil massage using jojoba oil is popular... and more.
Safe only.

I can not host.

No.22834I’m looking for sex friend
Name:Tom  Date:2018/05/06 17:47
Height:170cm  Weight:85kg  Age:53years old  Area:Tokyo

I am hoping to play with foreigners. My hope is a person with physical body with big penis if possible. Is anyone there? I live in Tokyo.

No.22833Let’s play breeding sex tonight
Name:taro  Date:2018/05/03 16:27
Height:163cm  Weight:63kg  Age:47years old  Area:Saitama fuzimino-city

My position is bottom. I llike anal sex. Please insert my Ass your cock. Tonight and now play breeding sex. My body is erotic and bold head. My house is kamihukuoka in Tobu-tojo line. Please send your mail soon.

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50messages registerd

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