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Name:アナルM  Date:2017/04/18 00:03
Height:167cm  Weight:72kg  Age:58years old  Area:千葉県


Name:n  Date:2017/03/31 15:01
Height:176cm  Weight:66kg  Age:36years old  Area:大阪

slim,muscular white bottom looking for top.can meet weekday daytimes.any nationality ok.pls send
profile and pic.

No.22772Looking for white dig
Name: Date:2017/03/11 16:17
Height:170cm  Weight:62kg  Age:34years old  Area:Tokyo

I am looking for someone to dig my ass. Please let me blow your dig. I am thirty four years old, from Saitama(next to Tokyo). I do swimming. 170/62/34. How about somewhere suitable location ?

No.22771want to meet daddies
Name:1  Date:2017/03/11 14:29
Height:170cm  Weight:65kg  Age:40years old  Area:sapporo

Hi there! I am japanese, wamt to meet daddies for fun.If you are interested in, please drop me a line.

No.22769How to Speak Salon (Tokio G Salon), March 12, 2017
Name:Hayato  Date:2017/02/24 22:24
Height: cm  Weight: kg  Age: years old  Area:Sinjuku, Tokyo

Each participant will be required to make an impromptu speech on a topic which will be provided on the spot, then answer questions from his listeners, and receive their feedbacks on the contents of the speech and how effectively he dealt with their questions. This will be a great opportunity for the participant to improve his communication skills. The two-hour event will be conducted in English only.
For details, please check "Tokio G Salon" website.

No.22767Make me get on my knees
Name:Jap Slave  Date:2017/01/16 14:51
Height:174cm  Weight:70kg  Age:48years old  Area:Tokyo, JAPAN

Jap slave will suck your cock, lick your balls, eat your ass and get down on all fours for hard ass-pounding.

Use and abuse me, sirs.

No.22765Japanese bottom looking for top
Name:Joe  Date:2017/01/09 10:13
Height:164cm  Weight:78kg  Age:56years old  Area:Tokyo

Japanese bottom looking for top.

please contact me soon.

Lets meet near love hotel

No.22752Looking for some Japanese friends - especially in Tokyo
Name:Joe  Date:2016/12/25 20:12
Height:173cm  Weight:95kg  Age:22years old  Area:America (Spokane)

Hi guys,

I am a cool 22 year old white young American. I love Japan and hope to visit in August 2017. I am looking to make friends there that I can visit and if possible let me stay with them if the feeling is right.

Sexually, I am versatile. I am wild, but sane.
Please reply with your face pic. Guys in Tokyo most welcome.


No.22751Looking for japanese seniors
Name:Curious  Date:2016/12/13 13:30
Height:165cm  Weight:60kg  Age:39years old  Area: 

I am attrected to japanese seniors and would like to stablish friendship with them if possible.
Specially if they like to wear yukata and kimono.

No.22748Teach me sex,daddy
Name:sissy_doll  Date:2016/11/04 02:38
Height:170cm  Weight:65kg  Age:27years old  Area:Aich,Japan

Im japanese sissy bottom.
All my holes are for fucking.I wanna meet daddy who fuck me with hard cock.Of corse safe-sex.
I will crossdress if you want(my videos are on xtube.)
feel free to contact me!

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29messages registerd

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