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Name:Jay  Date:2018/06/18 16:32
Height:164cm  Weight:60kg  Age:65years old  Area:Tokio

A French friend, who lives in Tokyo or nearby in 50s or 60s and would enjoy talking, eating, drinking, sharing cultures and more, is sought.
Am living near a French school and may be available to meet you anytime.
A person who could communicate in Engligh and understand or is interested in Japanese culture is preferable.

Name:jirou5  Date:2018/06/15 23:09
Height:160cm  Weight:65kg  Age:75years old  Area:yokosuka

looking for a aop gay foreigner.

No.22839over 65
Name:michio  Date:2018/06/10 10:03
Height:175cm  Weight:62kg  Age:63years old  Area:Chiba pref.

I am looking for a friend who is over 65years old.

No.22838anal fist and drink sperm,urine 
Name:shinya  Date:2018/05/24 17:05
Height:163cm  Weight:68kg  Age:60years old  Area:hokkaido,japan

i like to suck on penis  and anal fist fuck,to drink sperm,urine,if some one hope me,please send an e−mail.  

No.22835Gay Massage & Escort (Big Dick)
Name:Kengo  Date:2018/05/12 12:27
Height:180cm  Weight:72kg  Age:43years old  Area:Tokyo

I am Japanese.

Let us have a fun time together.
I am gentle and kind,well mannered.
The oil massage using jojoba oil is popular... and more.
Safe only.

I can not host.

No.22834I’m looking for sex friend
Name:Tom  Date:2018/05/06 17:47
Height:170cm  Weight:85kg  Age:53years old  Area:Tokyo

I am hoping to play with foreigners. My hope is a person with physical body with big penis if possible. Is anyone there? I live in Tokyo.

No.22833Let’s play breeding sex tonight
Name:taro  Date:2018/05/03 16:27
Height:163cm  Weight:63kg  Age:47years old  Area:Saitama fuzimino-city

My position is bottom. I llike anal sex. Please insert my Ass your cock. Tonight and now play breeding sex. My body is erotic and bold head. My house is kamihukuoka in Tobu-tojo line. Please send your mail soon.

No.22831i am gay
Name:taichi nakasuji  Date:2018/03/30 18:27
Height:190cm  Weight:90kg  Age:40years old  Area:Tokyo is my mail addr.
please call me +81-3-3239-9891
come on all gay.

Name:JJ  Date:2018/03/28 16:32
Height:182cm  Weight:73kg  Age:31years old  Area:England

Hello. Im an English 31 year old male looking for friends in Japan (Tokyo/Osaka). Someone who can show me around the city, gay bars/ clubs etc and help me with Japanese culture, go to onsen, etc.

No.22828Mid 60s mature Looking for top age between 30 to 50
Name:solemate  Date:2018/03/22 09:15
Height:175cm  Weight:80kg  Age:63years old  Area:Tokyo, Kanagawa

Hi Im mid 60s, gentle, kind mature Japanese male who lives in South Tokyo near Kanagawa pref.
Im looking for a Caucasian, Spanish or Asian man who lives in Tokyo or near, I prefer he lives alone thus I can go to his place.
I am Bottom and want to meet a Top. I am non-smoker.
Please give me a message if you get interested in me. I dont care ethnicity but prefer younger between 35 to 50. You wish to know more about me , please feel free to write.
Thank you for reading and looking forward to seeing you sooner.

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47messages registerd

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