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No.22889Looking for cum white or black top
Name:Nontan  Date:2018/10/17 23:42
Height:164cm  Weight:65kg  Age:37years old  Area:Saitama

I’m erotic bottom who loves cum.

No.22887Looking for a fat M guy
Name:CharlesChen  Date:2018/10/13 23:11
Height:170cm  Weight:80kg  Age:30years old  Area:Wako

I am newcomer of Tokyo, and I am looking for someone to have some fun, somebody fat could contact me, I am open, and welcome everybody who likes black socks or wants to be a slave.

If we have similar hobbies or like each other, we can try anything!

No.22886I’m looking for sex friend!
Name:Tom  Date:2018/10/08 14:20
Height:170cm  Weight:85kg  Age:54years old  Area:Tokyo

I am looking for a foreign sex friend. I like people who have physical fitness and a large penis. I live in Tokyo. A traveler can do it.

Name:Tarou  Date:2018/09/16 21:59
Height:160cm  Weight:65kg  Age:76years old  Area:Kanagawa

A healthy, old and bottom japanese guy is looking for a top and younger foreigner as an intemate friend near Kanagawa area.

No.22880Looking for gay Art hobbyist
Name:Art hobbyist  Date:2018/09/15 09:20
Height:173cm  Weight:79kg  Age:63years old  Area:Tokyo & Kanagawa Japan

I am looking for a person who can interact through Art which is are, 3D printers, people who are interested in handmade dolls, people with hands dexterity, likes to make things, paint male nude. also people of Otaku, people who are familiar with making animation especially gay people are welcome.

Also you can build physical relationships if you like mid mature man.
I am 173cm, 79kg, 63yo bottom. I am cut and not well endowed. DD free, non-smoker. I do not much experience. I prefer a Top or Vers. of White (Caucasian) or Latino who living near station in the Yokohama line, Sagamihara line or Keio line in the Tokyo near Kanagawa pref.. I cannot sex slave or SM play, also I cannot host and I cannot be sugger daddy.
If you want to be a volunteer men nude model or you want a long physical relationship with me also welcome.
Please contact me with your profile, your location, include your photo if you interested in me.

No.22879looking for friends lovers
Name:hiro  Date:2018/09/12 21:07
Height:173cm  Weight:75kg  Age:20years old  Area:sendai

I am a university student. I am looking for a white man and a black friends boyfriend. I live in Sendai city. I play soccer in sports. The face is a baby face and the body is muscular quality. I wanted to find a way to talk fun and posted it on the bulletin board. Thank you

No.22878Cross dresser
Name:Maki  Date:2018/09/12 18:35
Height:168cm  Weight:69kg  Age:50years old  Area:Tokyo

I am looking for mature gentle man. If you have place, I will have cross dress in your room.After cross dressing please insert your dick. Also Cross dresser welcome enjoy lesbians play.

No.22876Breeding Sex
Name:Sei  Date:2018/09/08 01:41
Height:163cm  Weight:63kg  Age:48years old  Area:Saitama Fuzimino City

Hi I like very Breeding Sex. My position is bottom.
Please insert your big penisse in my ass.
I have play room in Fuzimino city in Kamifukuoka station Tojo line.
Now let play breeding sex tonight.

No.22875Looking for a Top
Name:Mature Bottom  Date:2018/08/30 20:46
Height:174cm  Weight:80kg  Age:63years old  Area:Tokyo, Japan, Machida

looking for a Top of Caucasian or Spanish who lives in South Tokyo near Kanagawa pref.
Im Japanese mature gay bottom 5feet10, 175lbs, 62yo, DD free, non-smoker.
Please contact me include your profile and pic. I cannot host and I cannot be sugar daddy.

Name:Felipe  Date:2018/08/29 08:50
Height:172cm  Weight:69kg  Age:62years old  Area:Kanagawa

Hi guys
I am a married Japanese bottom living in Ebina city Kanagawa pref.
Let me send you a my picture from my album for your rubbing up.
If you like it, invite me to your home and then do as you like though I am not confident enough in taking your huge one.
I am free weekday evening and like doing something wild as well.
Awaiting for your email.

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58messages registerd

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