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No.22826I would like to make a intimate friend with Asian young man.
Name:japanese old man whose role is bottomI  Date:2018/02/09 17:43
Height:179cm  Weight:69kg  Age:60years old  Area:東京 tokyo

Is there any Asian young man whose role is top?
I like Chinese or Korean and another countries young man.

No.22824jpn bottom seeking Foreign Top Partner using regularly
Name:doctor  Date:2018/02/07 00:57
Height:170cm  Weight:80kg  Age:40years old  Area:Tokyo

an intellectual jpn bottom seeking a Foreign Top Partner
to offer a tenderly tightening anus for your pleasure.
Please try it.
If you satisfied, please use regularly in weekday evening.
This ad is open within a couple of days.

Thank you very much.

Faithfully yours

No.22823Am seeking Top of white big cock
Name:Jun  Date:2018/01/27 17:41
Height:175cm  Weight:77kg  Age:68years old  Area:東京

Im mature japanese businessman.
Sometime I m going to Tokyo on my business.
I take a room of Hotel in Tokyo
Im looking for big cock white man
If you wish Pls use my ass in deep your cock

No.22822penis and fist
Name:shinya  Date:2018/01/20 16:11
Height:163cm  Weight:69kg  Age:60years old  Area:hokkaidou

i like to suck on penis and fist fuck,to drink sperm,urine.ifsameone hope me please send an email。

No.22821kind japanese daddy
Name:jps  Date:2018/01/18 10:23
Height:175cm  Weight:70kg  Age:36years old  Area:tokyo

I like age from 58-to 76daddy.
not like back
honest is the best.
please write to me.


No.22818waiting for your mail
Name:dai  Date:2017/12/17 23:57
Height:170cm  Weight:80kg  Age:56years old  Area:tokyo

i am looking for your dig.
please your dig into my anal hole.
i have no place for sex and no car for drive.

No.22809Friendship & More
Name:hiro  Date:2017/09/18 01:19
Height:175cm  Weight:75kg  Age:45years old  Area:OSAKA

I local Osakan is looking for foreign & asian gay man for friendship and more.
I dont care about much but prefer manly and the same age.
Welcome all those who are planning to come or lived in around Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe...kinki area..

No.22804daddy! daddy! daddy!
Name:nico  Date:2017/07/04 01:05
Height:166cm  Weight:57kg  Age:36years old  Area:tokyo

I am looking for a sexy and hairy daddy. I want daddys big cock!

No.22802Good time
Name:Eden  Date:2017/06/08 12:06
Height:180cm  Weight:77kg  Age:58years old  Area:Jiyugaoka

White man is Looking for a japanese or asian man for friendship and more.
I dont care about age but i prefer manly kind and who lives in Tokyo.Smoker and wine lover welcome.

No.22800How to Speak Salon (@Tokio G Salon), Jun. 18
Name:Hayato  Date:2017/05/27 15:33
Height: cm  Weight: kg  Age: years old  Area:Sinjuku, Tokyo

In this English version of How-to-Speak Salon, you will be required to make an impromptu speech on a topic provided by one of the other participants, answer questions on your speech from your listeners, then receive their feedback on your speech and response.
For details, please check "Tokio G Salon" website.

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39messages registerd

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